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Start your educational adventure towards leadership excellence

What is Edventurous Leadership?

It is a learning platform that challenges different types of leaders to think more broadly about leadership, to recognise leadership as a privilege that we can all have, and to take their own leadership responsibility seriously to feel empowered to take control of their journey.

Which channel is right for you?

Aspiring Leaders

If you are not currently in a leadership position, but would like to be in the future, this channel is for you.

New Leaders

If you are in your first few years of leadership and are encountering challenges or want to develop, this channel is for you.

Curious Leaders

If you have vast experience in leadership positions but want to explore new avenues for development that can support you personally and professionally, this channel is for you.

Why was Edventurous Leadership created?

Too often, individuals have been in positions of leadership for some time without the education and support needed to continue to develop within the role. Good leadership requires a mindset that encourages those in your team to be the best versions of themselves, and this requires thoughtful self-reflection and ongoing personal development that challenges existing beliefs and practices.

Edventurous Leadership is focused on encouraging a mindset that enables steps in the right direction to be taken through education, with the appropriate balance of accountability and empowerment along the way.

We are on a mission to develop a community of Edventurous Leaders, who see their lives as an educational adventure, and whilst they may not always know their exact destination, they know which way we are heading, which is towards success.

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How does it work?

Once registered, which you can do for free here, you will be able to engage in a range of thoughtful learning activities, that primarily take place online. Edventurous leaders will access rich sources of information in a range of formats, all pitched at the appropriate level for individual learners. There will also be a range of opportunities to engage with both practical and reflective tasks in their everyday lives, as well as challenges shared within the growing community of Edventurous Leaders.

There are additional options for those looking to become a paying member of the community, detailed here, that will provide access to a wider range of material and a more personalised learning experienced. Including individual support from the Edventurous Leadership coaches and monthly sessions with our founder.

Frequently Asked

Why should I sign up to the paid version of Edventurous Leadership?

So you can access all of our content and learning opportunities. To be here and not sign up would be like going to a conference and wearing your headphones all day. Sure, you will see some interesting things but you won’t really know what’s going on and what have the benefit of talking to those around you and being part of a learning community.

Is the premium membership worth it?
Yes, but we would say that wouldn’t we! The paid membership gets you a personal knowledgable coach, excellent Edventurous Leaders themselves who can talk the talk AND walk the walk. Cancel anytime, no minimum contract.
How do I actually learn through your content?
You will have complete access to all learning material. As well as reading, listening and watching you will be challenged to think deeply and do certain activities and challenges throughout your own working week. With the premium membership, you will have your own personal coach to support you every step of the way.
Will I be bombarded with emails from you trying to sell me stuff if I sign up?
No, we promise. You will never receive more than two mail campaigns from us in one week. These emails will be designed in line with all of our content, to make you a better leader. The only thing you need to buy for that is one of our memberships 🙂
Can I save some money if I sign up with a friend?

We understand the power of collaborative learning and want to encourage this. Save 10% on your monthly fee for every friend you recommend, up to 3 friends.

Receive a weekly thought provoking email

In return for giving us your email you will receive no more than two emails per week. These emails will help, intrigue or challenge you to think or do something for your own development. What’s the worst that could happen?