An Introduction to Self-Leadership for Students

In this short introduction series, we will cover key components of a ‘Self-Leadership Toolkit’ that will help students own their choices and start their educational adventure towards leadership excellence.

The sections are purposefully focused, requiring less than 10 minutes to go through. Each includes a key concept to consider, engaging ideas to reflect on and a clear call-to-action to put the knowledge learned into practise. This is where the learning and development really takes place.

There is a deeper ‘Self-Leadership Hacks for Students’ programme available too. Our next cohort begins October 2024 so if you enjoy this, you will love that and can sign up here today.

What is Edventurous Leadership and why did we create? Increasing Self-Awareness Be Accountable to Future You Develop a Powerful Mindset Appreciate What You Have Make Conscious Connections Be Time Sensitive How can you continue your 'edventure' towards leadership excellence?